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Azan Table & Wall Clock

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The perfect gift for Housewarming and home decor

  • Complete azan for all prayers (with volume control)
  • Prayer times for most cities around the world
  • With battery for saving program when power off
  • Hijri and Gregorian calendars
  • Place on the table or hang on the wall
  • Battery-operated Model


    • Why there is no charging cable for this?

    There is no charging cable because this is a battery operated model only. It uses 4 AA Batteries.

    • Is there a LED or backlight?

    There is no LED or Backlight, because it's a battery operated model, therefore if it has LED or backlight, it will consume alot of power and drain the battery fast.

    • Is this battery-operated?

    Yes, it is battery operated Only. No messy wire when you hang on the wall. Uses 4 AA Batteries.

    • The Azan timing is not accurate

    Most Islamic products that has Azan configured based on respective country code. e.g for Singapore uses calculation method from Muslim World League (not MUIS) for Asia.

    Azan Calculation Method

    Therefore, there's a need to minor adjust 1-2 mins difference using the Azan Safety Time settings (page 14 manual)
    Or refer to this Video

    Please do not compare why the Azan is not sync to the radio. Because the azan clock is not WiFi-enabled and it won't be 100% Accurate as the clock timing is set by yourself. The Azan is a 1 time setup based on the country configuration code.