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Exchange and Returns

Exchange and Returns

  1. All our products have warranties of 3-12 months depending on the product purchased
  2. All our products have been QC-ed and configure before delivery, therefore it SHOULD be in working condition
  3. Warranty will be void if items are broken or spoil due to mishandling
  4. When you purchase from esouq, you agree that if item is faulty due to manufacturer issue, you will need to come to our place in Choa Chu Kang or Hillview for an exchange
  5. If it's faulty within 7 days of purchase, we will give a complimentary exchange at the convenience of your own home
  6. Alternatively, you can pay $10-$20 (depending on the weight) for a courier to return back to us or head down to Singpost (lightweight) and send to us via Registered Mail at your OWN Cost
  7. Exchange and returns DOES NOT apply to COSUMMABLES e.g Zamzam, GOLI, Qurma etc.
  8. We will not entertain any returns or exchange if your product warranty has expired
  9. Warranty starts on the day you purchase
  10. If you purchase something off the shelf and found out that it's faulty, you too have to come back to the shop for an exchange. It's the same with us. All faulty items need to return to our place personally so we can check the issue before issuing you a brand new set. This is to avoid cheating especially product is damage due to self-carelessness and blame it on our product instead
  11. We will not tolerate such exchange in the pretext that our product is faulty after using few weeks and request a brand new one

FAQs on Exchange Policy

1. I just receive the item, and it cannot work

- Do contact us via WhatsApp (number on our website) on the issue and we will try to guide you on the usage. If you opt for Normal mail, please mail back to us. And if you opted for courier for your last order, we will send courier to collect from you.

2. After using for few months, item is faulty

- Do contact our support if we are able to assist in troubleshooting online first. If problem persists, do mail back your item so we can check on the issue or repair if it's under warranty. You can either MAIL back to us or head down to our office so our staff can take a look (either for repair or exchange a new set)

3. My warranty is long over, and my item is faulty.

- Contact our support and see if they able to assist you. There might be an extra charge for repair if necessary. We will need to take a look case by case basis

4. The item is not to my expectation

- Once purchase, there will be no exchange or refund if item is faulty. Customer are responsible to read product description or view demo video before purchase. If you decided to order without reading the product description, we will not refund you.

5. You sold me a broken item

- Firstly, before every delivery, we will test ALL our item for defects. If you bring the item in a broken condition, and after few days or months of usage only to inform us that item sent is broken, we will NOT entertain your request.