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SajadaMat - Orthopedic Prayer Mat / Sejadah Ortopedik

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Color: Gold Hassan

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SajadaMat - Orthopedic Prayer Mat

This orthopedic prayer mat helps reduce joint pain and soreness during worship. Made from 100% Latex organic foam with a thickness of 8mm, it is environmentally friendly and guaranteed its manufacturing quality to last for many years.

What is the benefit of this Mat?

1. Anti-Slip
2. Allergy Free
3. Thick and Comfortable
4. Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Can it be folded?

No, it cannot be folded. Mat need to be rolled

What is the size of the mat?

Mat is 120 x 61cm

What is the thickness of the mat?

Thickness is 8mm

How many designs and colours?

There are 6 designs/colours
1. Turquoise Rawda
2. Gold Hassan
3. Brown An Najm
4. Blue Kundar
5. Red Mihrab
6. Pink Azhaar