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Kaabah Azan Lamp FAQs

Ka’abah Azan Lamp Common FAQs

1. Do I need to configure anything?
No, you can just start using. Everything has been set for you.

2. How do I set the time?
Press M 4 times to access the main page, look for Settings, System time

3. All lights are working except the yellow, it’s flickering
The light flickers because it’s a candlelit effect.

4. Why does the country show Indonesia and not Singapore?
Due to the lamp manufacturer stopping production for Singapore and Malaysia units, we are unable to configure for Singapore/Malaysia as a country. But because since there’s still a lot of demands for this Ka’abah lamp, we got it from our Indonesia merchants instead. However, this is not a problem as Indonesia timing has been pre-set to follow MUIS azan timing. This works exactly the same except that it shows different country name.

5. Why does the Azan timing look different way off few minutes?
This is because by default the Taqweem systems are based “Muslim World League” and “Standard” Method for Singapore. There is Azan safety setting few buttons away and you can adjust according to MUIS timing if you need to.

6. What is this Azan Safety time you talking about and how do I access this?
On your Menu, select Salat Time > Use Adhan > Region > Method > System Time (uncheck DST) > You will reach this Azan Safety Time feature. You can manually adjust the timing for Fajr, Sunrise, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib and Isha. To be more accurate, refer to MUIS website and increase/decrease the minutes accordingly.

7. Why can’t I hear any azan?
This is because on the azan setting you need to “check” the box to enable the alarm. If you check the box, you will see an alarm clock beside the timing.

8. My lamp hangs while playing, I can’t press any of the buttons
You can do a reset on the earphone jack and restart the lamp again

9. The azan on this lamp and the one at radio are not the same
As mentioned earlier, the lamp is using Muslim World League for its Taqweem system. You can adjust yourself to follow MUIS timing by increasing or decreasing the timing accordingly. Our advice is to use the FM radio if you want a live azan stream. The salat prayer function is the only indication that its time for salat.

10. Am I eligible for a refund if my lamp is not working?
No, but we will do a 1 to 1 exchange provided the lamp is indeed manufacturer issue. If the lamp spoil because it dropped or there’s a crack, we unable to do an exchange.