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MIKAT Qibla and Azan Watch FAQs

MIKAT Qibla and Azan Watch Common FAQs

1. Now that I’ve received the watch, what should I do?
By default, you do not have to do anything as we have already configured it for you.

2. How do I configure country, time and date
Press and hold SET and you will access the setting menu. Press top and bottom button to change option.

3. How do I access other functions of the watch?
Press and hold MODE. You will access function like ALARM1, ALARM2, chime, qibla (auto detect country), language, Calendar, time display, azan display, Taqweem, azan safety time, zikir, stopwatch, volume, battery, Islamic holiday and tasbeeh

4. Why does the Azan timing look different way off few minutes?
This is because by default the Taqweem systems are based “Muslim League” and not your local azan timing. There is Azan safety setting few buttons away and you can adjust according to MUIS time (for Singapore)

5. What is this Azan Safety time you talking about and how do I access this?
On mode, select to Azan safety time, press and hold set. You will see all the prayer timing. +/- accordingly to your local azan time for better accuracy.

6. Why can’t I hear any azan?
This is because this watch is a digital watch, you will only able to hear beeping sound as azan.

7. How do I configure the beeping alarm for a specific prayer e.g. Magrib
Press on the mode button and press till you see Magrib. Press and hold SET. Set the time you want it to be, earlier or later. Once done, press set and you will see BEEPS. By default, it’s already off, however you can adjust according to how many beeps you like. Press set to complete

8. How do I access the Quran Bookmark
Press the mode button once, and you will see the date. Press and hold the same button and you will access the Quran bookmark setting.

9. My Qibla compass is not accurate, how do I use it?
Before you use the qibla compass, please make sure to stay away from metallic and magnetic interferences (such as electronic devices, vehicles, metallic cases or magnetic closures, etc.). You may need to re-calibrate the compass to have a better accuracy

10. How do I calibrate and use the qibla compass?
Press Qibla button to access the compass. Press and hold Mode button and you will see a cube on the top. Rotate the watch 360 degrees slowly. Once done, press the qibla button to exit and to re-enter.

To see the accuracy of the qibla, if you rotate to 293 (Singapore), you will follow the North, N if you rotate to 000, you will follow the Ka’abah. At any point of time you see the compass is not accurate, please do a re-calibration

11. Am I eligible for a refund if my watch is not working?
No, but we will do a 1 to 1 exchange provided the watch has manufacturer issue e.g. LCD flickering. If your battery is weak, just head to any shop that sell a 2430 button battery and replace it yourself.