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1. Why is the Doa Iftitah difference from what I learnt?
You have to select and change the language to Malay

2. Why does the panel keep beeping?
The panel keep beeping because either the steps are not done properly and you need to redo the previous step before proceeding to the next step.

3. After my child completed his prayer, it prompted for 2 more sujud and without tahiyat akhir and straight away to salam. Is this panel faulty?
No, the panel is not faulty. This is Sujud Sahwi. This is to guide your children that if they forget a step in their prayer or forgot which rakaat they have done, they need to do the sujud sahwi.

4. The Prayer took so long to finish!
Unfortunately, the panel teaches you steps by steps with guidance from the icons on the panel. If you expecting to finish fast, I think that not right when you're learning to pray.

4. My SAJADA seems like not working, is there a problem with it?
I would advice to test the sensor using heavy object to be place on the feet, knee, palm and head. If everything goes smoothly, there should not be a problem