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Islamic Al-Quran Digital Radio

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Current Price $49.90
Color: Red

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1) FM Radio using the Antenna
2) Quran Recitation from three well known Qari (Mishary, Suud, Ghamidi)
3) Over 1000+ Religious talks from various Asatizahs including UAI, Ustazah Nor Bahiyah etc
4) Over 1000+ topics Regarding Hajj
5) Over 1000 topics about Salah
4) Zikir, Wirid, Azan, Selawat, Doas, Ruqyah
5) Nasyid
6) Raya songs
& lots more!

Technical Specifications:
- Output:3w(Max)
- FM Radio Frequency:FM-70-108MHZ
- MP3 Player
- Decoding range:8-320kbps
- S/N:87dB
- Speaker unit:40MM 4hms 3W
- Power requirement:DC 5V
- Dimensions:117*21.5*64MM
- 8GB Micro SD card 

What will you get?

1. Rechargeable Battery
2. USB Charging Cable
3. 3 Months Warranty
4. 2 pages Quran Code Chart List (Printed Front and Back & Digital Download Available) 
* 3 Pin Plug Adapter not included. You can use with existing smartphone adapter or power bank.

Product FAQs
1. Why are some seller selling $80 and you're selling cheaper?
- We want to make it affordable to EVERYONE especially those elderly who can't afford to pay so much for a radio.

2. What's the difference in content?
- We are not sure about other sellers, but as the product is an Islamic Al-Quran Digital Radio, we focus more on Islamic Related Digital content such as Quran, Duas, Religious talks etc. If you need to listen to songs, I'm sure FM Radio will do just fine.

3. Yours is 8GB only, others have 16GB is that why you are cheaper?
- To be honest, 16GB is not that expensive per se. But as mention above, we exclude songs which not really necessary in this Quran Radio. So we don't need such a big space to host these files.

4. More space means better quality?
- In fact, no. The rationale behind 16GB is because you NEED a lot of space to hold all these music files which are unnecessary for us since. Quality is not compromised because of the 16GB, but due to mp3 bitrate conversion and the radio quality. The radio itself has a built-in bass function and the mp3 inside the radio is 128-320kbps which is sufficient. This bitrate usually results in a sound quality equivalent to what you'd hear on the radio

5. Why do 2 pages only?
- The reason is because we want to keep the delivery easy and compact. Some of the customers buy as a gift. No one wants to give this as a gift with over 5 pages of paper or 1 big laminated paper together with the box. It just doesn't make sense. We have digital downloads so if you lose the paper, you can reprint them again or save it to your smartphone for easy viewing

6. I don't feel comfortable purchasing online. Can I pay cash?
- Why not? We accept various payment mode. You can pay cash while self-collection, check the product first before making payment. In any case, you change your mind, we do have other products for you to look at. Our payments and our website are https secure. On top of that, if you make payment online, you will receive an order number, email of order confirmation, tracking number and email on your product tracking. It's so convenience to go cashless. You have our number, just message us if you need assistance! 

7. Why didn't i get any free gift?
Free gifts such as earpiece and digital tasbih are promotional item. Once a while, we will do promotion. By default the Quran radio only comes with Radio, USB cable and manual. Once fully redeemed, we will highlight that gifts are fully redeemed. Gifts are non-exchangable, refundable and not cover under warranty.

8. How do I check warranty?
If you ordered through us, we will have your order/purchase record. Your warranty starts immediately after you made a purchase. You don't have to worry about losing your hardcopy receipts or the need to register the warranty. You can say that we make your purchasing experience much easier and convenient. However, we have to be realistic when comes to warranty. If you drop, crack and it became faulty, warranty will immediately be voided because it doesn't cover manufacturer warranty.

9. How long should I charge the battery?
Full charge will be 4-6 hours according to manufacture. If you planning to use for long hours, advise to remove battery and use cable instead. If you want to use longer hours without plug, use a powerbank to extend battery life. Standard usage will be from 4-6 hrs of non stop play before the radio's battery flat.

To listen, just press the number code as stated on the Code Chart List

As it is lightweight, you can easily bring it anywhere! And those who have babies and kids, you can play surah n zikir from this radio while they are asleep

To view the Quran Code Chart List, click PAGE 1 & PAGE 2

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